Saturday, June 2, 2012

Children's Day

Oh, Children's Day. I never knew this, but China has a day that is just to celebrate children, just like mothers day or fathers day in the states, but its Children's day. The teachers put together a program for the children and the children do lots of performances, singing and some dancing. Two of the older kids emced the program. It was precious! After the program, all of the children got Mcdonalds! There were a lot of visitors that came for the day including a small group of preschoolers from Beijing to take part in the program. A team is here from Georgia as well. They are a group from a Chr1stian high school that has come for several years now for ten days during the summer. They are a great group of kids and have been very helpful. After the Mcdonalds lunch the kids went to take naps as usual and then in the afternoon we were supposed to have a big water party thing. However, we had a storm the night before so it was pretty chilly outside and the ayi's didn't want the kids to get sick. So, there were lots of toys out, bubbles, face paint, etc. However, it some how ended up being a water fight anyways! The kids had a great time! Here are some pictures of children's day! The videos are taking forever, so I am going to try and put those up later.

Precious Josiah! He has definitely become one of my buddies! The kids also all got haircuts on Thursday for Children's Day.

Bei Bei!

All of the kids sitting up front in the outreach center. 


Taylor with Luke and Robert!

Precious Robert!

Marissa with sweet Julie! She was a little timid of the whole thing. 

Dr. Anna and Dr. Moody's son doing magic tricks during the program!

Me and Josiah 

Me and Cody

Sweet Tess who refused to look at the camera 


Absolutely love these people! Me, Taylor, Marissa, and Sarah 

Cody loving his Mcdonalds

Taylor and I with Bei Bei and Blossom

Me with the emcees Philip and Wendy! I got to curl Wendy's hair for her! 

Me and JJ

Me and Ling Ling

Me and Moses. I just love this kid. He is deaf and so I communicate with him by motions and faces and we do pretty well. He gets run over by the kids a lot and he can't take up for himself. So, I try and take up for him as much as I can when I am around. Imagining how hard it would be to not be able to communicate how I felt, it kills me for that boy. Ill get off my soap box. 

I will try and get the videos to work and put them up soon. They are hilarious. I seriously cannot believe that I have spent four weeks here and I only have four weeks left. I can't even imagine saying goodbye to these precious children. But, I know that time will come very shortly, so I will appreciate every moment that I do have here and I will praise the l0rd for the opportunity to come here and love on his children. Please pr*y for Taylor and I. She came down with an ugly cold sinus thing today and feels awful and I have been having stomach issues for over a week. The whole being in a foreign country/eating foreign food/playing with sick children, is really catching up with us. Pr*y we get better so we can do all that we can the next four weeks. 

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  1. Praying for both of you sweetie!!! It makes me cry to think of you leaving all those kids, what precious little ones they are!! I love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)