Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Primary Class

Now for my primary class! I love these guys! Taylor and I teach this class together and it has been so much fun to teach them. They are all so unique and such cool kids. Most of them speak English well and they love to learn new words and ways to say things. They are eager learners and it has been a joy getting to know them.
This is Blossom! She is the one that just found out about her family. Her family will be here soon and she will be heading to Idaho! Blossom is such a sweet girl. She is missing the lower part of one of her legs. She doesn't know as much English as some of the others because she has only been here for about a year. She gets frustrated sometimes in class but she does well. She is learning and really tries to get things right. She is best friends with bei bei. They are always together. Blossom is such a sweetheart and I am so excited for her to meet her family in the next few weeks. 

This is Elizabeth or Bei Bei. She is the most precious little girl. She has some kind of spinal injury or something and can't use her legs. It hasn't stopped her. She is so strong in her upper body and can walk on her hands. It is so funny to watch her. She will get out of her wheel chair to play duck duck goose and can chase the kids down by walking with her hands and having her legs drag under her. She is so precious. She is a sweetheart and always making me laugh in class. She has a precious voice and talks a mile a minute. She is also waiting to be adopted. The couple, Clay and Jewel, that I mentioned before are in the middle of the paper work to get her. Hopefully, they will be able to get her very soon. Bei Bei will get to live close by which will be nice and she adores Clay and Jewel so much. A little background on Clay and Jewel. They lived in the States and a few years ago, not sure how many now, both of their sons were killed in a car accident. They felt called to China and moved here to work with Shepherd's Field. They have now started their own foster care home for children with bone diseases and also help with the Bakery for Life that employs orph*ns and the proceeds go to help the orph*ns. Such a cool, g0d loving couple. Now, they are trying to adopt Bei Bei and I pr*y that that will happen soon. 

Ling Ling or Shelby. Oh Ling Ling. She is a character to say the least. She is so sweet and always tells me and everyone else how pretty they are. She doesn't participate much in class but she is always there and often listening when we don't realize she is. She will randomly answer a question and when she does, she is always right. She makes me laugh daily. Oh ling ling, such a precious soul. 

This is Joseph! He is a sweet kid. He loves his friends and he loves to hang out with his gang, which is Phillip, Blossom, and Bei Bei. He loves to build and play with legos. He has heart problems and is in need of another surgery. He turned 13 recently meaning he has one more year to get adopted and he needs a family. He is such a nice kid. He doesn't love English but he does well. He tries hard and he sits there until he figures it out. He is such a cool kid and I have loved getting to know him. 

Seth! I love this kid! He is so precious and I have loved getting to know him. He is a loner who loves to walk around by himself and sing songs. He lights up when he sings and he moves his hands like he his orchestrating the music. He always asks me about class, when we will have it, what we will do, etc. He is smart and he loves to learn. He loves to know that he is doing a good job and that we are proud of him. He gets so excited when he uses a new word and when he gets an answer right. He is such a sweetheart and I love sitting next to him in class and helping him. He makes me laugh every day. He gets frustrated sometimes  but all he needs is encouragement and someone to believe in him. He is a wonderful kid. 
Here is a video of him singing! 

This is Phillip. He is the smartest kid and such a sweetheart. He helps me with my Chinese everyday. He corrects me when I say something wrong and tells me how to say things. He loves his friends and is a joy to be around. He is always helping others. He does a great job learning English and his English is really good. He learns fast and he is always wanting to learn more. He loves legos and plays with them all the time. He has a family and will be hearing about them in the next few months. His birthday was last week and we had a great time celebrating it! 

The classroom on Phillips birthday! 

Happy Birthday Phillip!

Seth literally scraped the pan of brownies 

Phillip's gift from Sara 

Everyone singing Phillip happy birthday!

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  1. JU!! Im officially caught up with reading your blog and Ive loved reading it! SO GLAD you are having this experience and that you are enjoying it so much! I can't wait to hear all about it when you come home! Love and miss you!!