Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If you're in china...

If you're in China...
you will get stared at everywhere you go, especially if you have blonde hair
random people will take pictures of you and with you
pedestrians do not have the right of way, cars do
you will have a handful of near death experiences everytime you are in the car
your taxi driver will play chicken with cars about a dozen times a trip
there are no driving rules, only guidelines
you think everyone is angry, but that is just how mandarin sounds
you will get sick from what you eat, often
you will probably have an itchy scalp for weeks until you realize you have lice, ha or just me
you will eat rice everyday for multiple meals
you will see stray dogs everywhere
the dogs often blend in with the trash on the sides of the road
you will hear a lot of 'jeaga jeaga jeaga' and 'neaga neaga neaga'
but most of all you will experience a culture that is nothing like your own
you will meet the most amazing people and beautiful children

I will be coming to China again in the future, if not to serve again, at least to adopt a child, g0d willing

Many of the children here have been matched with families, which is such a blessing, but there are also many that do not have families. Here are pictures of some of the children who need families. I will never stop advocating for these lives.

My precious boy Moses needs a family! He has dwarfism, so he is actually eleven years old, he is deaf and mute and has a heart condition. The amount of things that are wrong is discouraging, but the l0rd has a plan for this sweet boy and hopefully that plan includes a family of his own. 

Eric needs a family. He is from an orphanage that does not do international adoption at this time. Hopefully, they will be able to do them in the future and this precious child can get a family! Pr*yer is needed for him! 

Vivian needs a family! 

Luke is kind of in the same situation as Eric! There are just issues with the home orphanage and him getting adopted! However, he needs a family! Much pr*yer needed for him! 

Sweet Charissa needs a family! 

My boy liam needs a family! He has a heart condition and a hernia! 

Cindy needs a family! She has a minor heart condition! 

My little baby Leah needs a family! They still are not sure what is wrong with her. 

Amity needs a family! She has had heart surgery and is good to go! 

Precious Robert needs a family. This boy makes me laugh all the time. He is such a precious child that brings so much joy to everyone he meets.

Kennedy needs a family! Everyone falls in love with Kennedy the second they meet him. His English is wonderful and he is a very smart kid. He loves others and is a precious soul. He needs a family badly! He has severe hydrocephalus, which has made him unable to walk because his body cannot support the weight. He is a fighter, though, and so strong, I will not be surprised if he learns to walk in the future.  

Joseph needs a family! He just turned 13 meaning he has one year until he ages out of the system! He has a heart condition that requires another surgery! He is such a sweet kid! 

Tess needs a family! Tess is in the same boat as Eric and Luke and is unable to get adopted internationally at this time! Pr*yer is needed! 

Maggie needs a family! Maggie has no paper work and so is unable to get adopted. She needs a miracle that only g0d can provide! 

Bill needs a family! He has deformed ears, but he can hear pretty well! 

All of these children are so very precious and all of them need families! A few that I mentioned are unable to be adopted at this time. Please be in pr*yer that things would work out, that barriers be moved, that policies be put into place that allow these precious children to be adopted. You can go to to find out more about each child! You can also sponsor a child for 35 dollars a month for one year!

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  1. Ha teaching english huh?? If you're in China precious not your..... so love and miss you!!!!!!! I'm sure God entertained himself when he decided he wanted you to teach primary english, I'd be scared to think of what he would do with me!!!:) Can't wait to see you Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!