Friday, June 22, 2012


 So, I really didn't want to post about this because of ,well many reasons. However, It seems unfair for me not to post about an experience that happened here which I know I will laugh about in a few weeks, maybe. Anyways, so, my head has been itching for over two weeks now. I have just had a really really itchy scalp, especially behind my ears and the back of my neck. I just thought it was from wearing headbands all the time, you know maybe a heat rash or something. Then with the chicken pox everywhere I thought it was paranoia or I was getting them on my head and no where else. So, then one night we are all at dinner. It was the normal thing that Julianne is always itching her head, and no one knew what it was. But, Marissa decided to look through my hair for a little bit while we waited on food and sure enough she found a little critter. Now, at the time we were joking about lice like everyday, but none of us thought I could have that. So, we decided that little critter was just a gnat that had flown into my hair cause we were sitting at an outside bbq and there were bugs everywhere. So, fast forward to Thursday night. All of the interns are in our room and we are bonding and making friendship bracelets. Then, Melissa decides that she should check my head again  just to see, and in better lighting in the bathroom. So, she is checking my hair, and she suddenly says "wait, stop, don't move, there is something moving" I scream, obviously and then cannot stop laughing until she pulls it out. It was the same bug Marissa pulled out a few days ago. So, everyone in the room scatters, obviously no one wants to be near the infected person now that they know I am infected. Melissa, who has had it before, starts to plan my treatment. I seriously do not know what I would have done without Melissa and Mari. They just got here a few days ago, I barely know them, but now I can say we are very close in about a three day span. So, we are in China, we can't just jump in a car and go buy shampoo to treat this. So, we look up other remedies and the one we find everywhere is the mayonnaise treatment. So, after Melissa picks through my hair and gets out as many of the eggs as she can. Mari pours mayonnaise all over my hair. Root to tip. I literally gagged the whole time. We then saran wrapped it and put a hair net thing on it and I let it sit the rest of the night and slept on it before I showered it out the next morning. I even skyped Chris with all of that on my head, you know you have a keeper when :). So, the next day Melissa and Sofie went to the pharmacies that are down the street from here to try and find a fine comb, cause we didn't have one and she had been picking by hand, or any kind of treatment shampoo. They had nothing and they all told them to tell me that I should cut off all of my hair and burn it. So, that was that. Melissa came back and picked through it again, she found eggs and no actual lice, so that was a good sign that maybe the mayo actually worked. Finally, around three o'clock Cindy came in and saved the day! The doctors had found a kit! It was expired but we literally screamed and jumped up and down. Then, we began that treatment, with Mari once again rubbing stuff all over my head, me showering for about the fourth time that day, and then Melissa picking through my hair. Let me just say, thank the l0rd for caring people who will sit and pick through my hair. People who I seriously met two days ago. I need to repay them some how. So, here I am on Saturday, Melissa will pick through my hair in a few hours, and hopefully the verdict will be I can go see kids this afternoon. Once again this took me out of seeing kids for two days, because the last thing we need is for all of these kids to recover from chicken pox and then get lice. None of the kids here have it so I probably got it from a taxi or something. Hopefully, I am good to go today and can see kids. No one else has gotten it so far, and I have had it for almost two weeks so I am hoping its just a mild case or something, if you can even have a mild case of lice, I don't know. So, that's the lice story. Hopefully, I won't be disowned when I get home, everyone here treated me like a leapor for a few days. I also missed out on going with Taylor to visit another foster home on Friday and going to the Agape house this morning with everyone. Its frustrating but something that I have been learning a lot lately is that we are given circumstances all the time that are in place to test us. G0d wants to see how we are going to react to things and if we will sin or grow from it. We are always being tested. G0d has a purpose for each of our lives, he wants us to look like chr1st and he uses situations to test us and grow us. It makes you look at situations completely differently. So, for some reason I was supposed to be the only one to get lice and the only one to get whatever cold/strep/flu that was, but g0d had a reason for it. He is using it to humble, stretch me, help me to be content with where I am at. It does however, make me ready to go home all the more so I can have my mommy take care of me! Sorry mom, you may have to be picking out nits for a few weeks! Its going to be so hard to leave these kids but I am ready to be back home. 

Melissa, pumped that we got a kit! 

Mari starting the treatment! 

Some precious videos of Robert and Josiah! 

Robert singing the ABC's

This is how Robert gets around

Robert and Josiah singing 'Twinkle Twinkle little star'

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  1. oh my goodness that made me laugh, no better way to make friends for life!!!!Any yes your Mommy will pick through your hair if you promise not to give it to the rest of the crew hahaha!!! Can't wait to see you in a week!!!!!!