Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Great Wall

This week has been super crazy. There is a high school group here from Georgia, we had a rummage sale the past two days and Children's day is tomorrow. I will post all about that later! But, last weekend we went to the great wall! Sarah and Rebecca had to go  in order to tape a promo video and take some pictures for a project they are starting. They are starting their own foster home in southern China called  Hope Station. So, Taylor and I, obviously, tagged along on that trip! 

We took a chair lift up to the wall.


Oh hey tay!

Prime example of chinglish right there

So, we came to the end of the wall and there was this sign. However, the trail kept going so we just had to venture farther. How could you not?

Sarah "falling" off the crumbled wall

On top of the crumbled down wall

We could see so far. It was absolutely break-taking 

Marissa and I 

Taylor, Marissa, and I 

So beautiful. These pictures can't even do it justice

Marissa, Rebecca, Sarah, and Taylor

 It was so beautiful! 

On Sunday, we went to Hidian Ch*rch in Beijing. It was a wonderful service. I have never gotten chocked up in a service, that I can remember. I have never had to hold back tears. But three times in the past three weeks, I have. Being in a foreign country, at a ch*rch, and feeling g0ds presence, being surrounded by foreigners who are worshiping the same g0d. It is so beautiful, such a glimpse of he*ven, and every time I have had to hold back my tears. Our g0d is so great and he is so much bigger than my small "mist" of a life. He is working here and why would I have ever thought that he wouldn't be? Our g0d is so great and so mighty and so loving. I am being reminded daily of his great love for me. 


  1. Ju, stoooopp (as you would say). Gracious you are awesome! God is using you to remind me of the urgency I am living without. Thank you!

    Ps- keep up the beautifully and hilariously entertaining pictures!

  2. you have to have the last pic of the Great Wall framed!! Pics truly do not do it justice!! It will always amaze me how God uses each and every one of us for His glory, all over the world no less!!I am so very thankful you are getting to experience this sweet girl. I love you so much and am missing you like crazy!!!