Monday, June 4, 2012

My kindergarten class

I left off a picture from Children's Day. This is of me and Charissa and is for Mary Holland Doan who sponsers her. She is doing well and is so precious! 

So I wanted to post about each of the kids in my classes and tell a little bit about each one. I'll start off with my Kindergarten class.

This is Robert. I feel like I say this about every kid, but he really is the most precious child. He has deformed arms and legs. He cannot walk and is always pushed around in a stroller and he can kind of use one of his hands. He smiles easily and always makes silly faces. I love to joke around with him. He is very strong, much stronger and mobile that the doctors every expected him to be. He can crawl and he can also lay down and roll across the floor to get where he needs to go. It is hilarious and I will try and post a video at some point. Such a precious and sweet, sometimes very whiny, child. 

My boy Josiah. I got close to Josiah pretty early on here. He had a heart condition but had surgery and is good as new. I would walk him home from school and then stay and play at his house which is House of Blessing. Robert, above, Josiah, and Cody, below, are the only three older children downstairs in Blessing right now. So they are all friends and usually together. They are all three in my kindergarten class. Every afternoon I go and play with the three of them. Josiah is the most rambunctious of the three and right now pretty disobedient as well. But, he is so precious and just melts my heart. He cries when I walk someone else home that is not him. He cries when I say that I have to go home in Chinese. Most days all three of them will lock onto my legs trying to make me stay. He messes with me all the time. Whether that is pinching my leg, calling me Julie until I tickle him while I call him Jos or Josa, taking my headband off of my head, putting it on, and walking around acting like me and saying that he is going home, or telling me the incorrect way to say a word in Chinese. I love this kid. 

Cody! He is the third one of the pair of amigos from blessing. He has down syndrome and Josiah does a great job of watching out for him. He is a smart kid and does well in English class. He can be sweet at times and he can also be a little mean, but what kid can't? He absolutely loves to sing. He belts every song out and holds his hand like its his mic. It is the most precious and funny thing to watch him sing a song. I have a video of children's day that I will try and load. He sang happy birthday and twinkle twinkle little star more passionately than I have probably every heard it. He is a character. 

Kennedy! I love this kid so much. He has a severe case of hydrocephalus. The doctors said a lot of things but Kennedy is a miracle. He is so smart and such a precious child to be around. He has wonderful English pronunciation and can communicate with visitors. He knows the phrases that he needs to know. He loves to sing and will often perform for anyone that will listen. His smile lights up when he sees someone he knows and always will call out our names. He is such a joy and I have loved spending time with him. 

Oh Moses! Like I mentioned in a previous post, Moses is deaf and can't communicate much at all. He knows a little bit of sign language from someone that taught him a while back but nothing has been consistent. He often gets run over by the kids and just forgotten. He seems like a lost soul to me in a way because he can't communicate what he wants. But, the boy is so precious and so quick to smile. He loves to scoot his stool next to mine at lunch and be close to people. He wants to be understood. He will sit and play with my watch, touching every button and changing the time so that it takes me another ten minutes when he is done to figure out how to get it to say the time again. He will sit there for forever just pressing buttons on it. He loves to just be held and to be given attention even though it is hard to know what he wants. I just try and do my best and we get along well. He is so precious and such a sweetheart. 

This is Henry. He is blind in one of his eyes and doesn't have the best vision in the good eye. This does not stop him. He is very active and runs everywhere. You forget that he can't see well until he trips over something and falls on his face. Or when he calls you by a different name before he comes beside you and you touch him and he hears your voice. He is a sweet kid and I have loved getting to know him. It is hard to teach him sometimes when he can't see the clock I have drawn and which number I am asking him but we get by and he is a smart kid. 

Joy, or Ting Ting! This is the only girl in the class and one of the few girls that is in school. Ting Ting has a minor case of hydrocephalus and she will actually be getting adopted some time this summer. She is so funny. Its hard to be the only girl with nine other boys in a classroom but she loves it. She is always messing with somebody and usually saying something in Chinese at my expense. She always wants to go play outside and literally asks me everyday before class "outside today? outside today?" Her and Eric are 'boyfriend and girlfriend' like every other week and it is so funny to watch. They always take up for each other and give each other their turns, its so funny. Love this girl. 
This is Eric! He is a sweetheart and one of the nicest kids here. He is always helping someone and just taking care of the other children. There is another boy in the class, Tyler, who I don't have a picture of yet. He is autistic or something along those lines and can't communicate well at all. Eric is always helping him and always walking him to and from school. He is always helping and it is so precious to watch him. Eric is smart and can speak English well. He is always telling me if I am doing something wrong or what we need to do next. He is like a little teachers assistant. He always yells out my name when I see him and tells me to come to his house. He is so precious and I just love him! 
This is Jacob Jai, he goes by Jai Jai. He is such a cool kid. He had club feet and goes to therapy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so he is not in my class that often but I have gotten to know him playing at his house. He told Emily earlier that he didn't like me and some other mean things that she wouldn't tell me he said. But, I think that that was a cover up. We have gotten really close and I love messing with him. He is all over the place and loves to tackle everyone. We have had our fair share of tickle fights that for sure. He is a precious kid. 
Me with Robert and Moses

I have loved teaching these kids. I don't know how well I am doing or if they are even learning anything but I enjoy just spending time with them and singing English songs. Loving them is enough for me and if they don't learn any more English while I teach them I hope they learn that I love them and that they have a s*vior who loves them even more then I do. Goodness, I am going to miss these kids. 


  1. Hey Julianne~
    Sounds like you are doing great!!! I LOVED reading about each of the children! What a blessing you are to them and them to you. Thankful for your sweet heart and love for them. God is blessing big!!! SO happy to read your blog today!!! XOXO

  2. I'm in love so jealous of you!!