Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What a wonderful day

I have had more posts than usual lately, but, I had to post about today. Because the kids were practicing for Children's Day, had Children's day on Friday, and then the Georgia group did VBS the past two days, we haven't really had a normal day of teaching for a week. So today was back to a normal schedule. We taught the primary class at ten and it went really well. We are finishing up with possessive pronouns and will move on to new stuff next week. During my lunch break, I got to skype with Chris for a long time. He is at K-Kountry this summer and is loving it once again for his third summer. It was so wonderful to be able to actually catch up with each other. Being 13 hours apart in time difference but also the fact that he only has his phone on nights off which are scattered every other week or so, its not the easiest. But, it is doable and today was so great to be able to hear about everything that is going on and how the l0rd is working in Branson and also knowing how he is working here. I love that boy.
Before that I got to experience the coolest thing ever. There is a girl here named Blossom, she is in my primary class, and she turns 14 in three weeks. Normally, that is no big deal, but here it is monumental. Fourteen is the age in which you age out of the Ch1nese system. Once you turn 14 you can no longer be adopted. Even if a family is in the process of trying to get you. Once you turn 14 you are out. So Blossom turns 14 in two weeks and she has been matched with a family but they have been waiting on their travel approval in order to get here in time. Today, I got to witness Sara telling her that she does indeed have a family and they will be here in the next few weeks to get her. She got a book with pictures of her new family, her parents, and three siblings. It was such an amazing thing to witness. g0d is in control and sovereign and it is only his doing that they are getting her just in time. Blossom was so excited, which is also g0ds doing, because she is extremely sad to leave her best friends here. She went back to her house yelling to her ayi "I have a family!!!!" It was such a beautiful thing to witness first hand. That child is so precious and I cannot wait to be here on her gotcha day in a few weeks when she gets to meet her family for the first time.
So, this was only my morning. Kindergarten class was in the afternoon and it went well. Many of the kids have been getting chicken pox so a few of mine are out. Please pr*y for the kids that have chicken pox. It is spreading quickly to all the kids and everyone knows how miserable it is. I started teaching the five senses yesterday. It is hard when I only know select Ch1nese words to communicate what in the world I am talking about, but its going okay. After I teach we usually sing songs but today I brought the play-doh and just let them play for the last part of class. They love play-doh.
After class I got to help Chrissy and give out sponsor gifts to a few of the children. It was once again such a blessing to be able to be the barer of a gift to a child who is so beyond thankful and thrilled to be receiving anything. So that was wonderful.
For dinner, we ordered pizza for Phillip's birthday. Phillip turns 13 tomorrow but since we have fellowship tomorrow night, we got pizza for him tonight. There is a bakery a few minutes away that is run by Clay and Jewel who used to be the volunteer coordinators here at SF and now they have their own foster home for children. The proceeds from the bakery go to help the orph*ns and it is beyond delicious. Phillip invited his friend Joseph to come to, so, all of the interns, plus a visitor, ate with him and Joseph. It was nice and a cool thing to be able to do for Phillip. They also got cokes and ice cream. Their ayis are not going to be happy with us when they can't sleep tonight, but they enjoyed it! As they headed home a storm began to roll in. I love storms, I always have. They bring excitement, fear, unknown; they bring you face to face with creation and the Almighty power of our creator. So as we watched the storm roll in, Taylor and I realized that we don't have eggs in order to make brownies for class tomorrow for Phillip. So, Sara and I, knowing now was better then later when the storm was in full force, ran over to the market across the street to get eggs. When we left the market the storm had started to pick up. Instead of running, Sara and I walked back to SF in the pouring rain. I can't remember the last time I just walked in the rain and didn't care about getting completely soaked. When we got back to the inn we all went outside and just danced in the rain. At this point it was a full force storm and pouring outside. My mom has never understood how people can look at creation and not believe. I agree. He shows his power, majesty, grace, love, promises... everything.
Today was a wonderful day. Full of g0ds grace and mercy and hand in everything. I am so thankful for the amazing people that I have been able to meet here and the children that have blessed me in so many ways.


  1. Made me cry!! How many times have we watched storms come in my sweet girl??? John David and I just sat out on the porch the other afternoon talking about how great God is as a storm came in. I guess I am repeating the process with him:)
    Words can't express my happiness of seeing you get to be where your heart has lead you, such a life changing experience. I did not truly understand God's control over my life until I was much older than you. Daddy's death has brought you to a place of understanding of who God is that just makes me want to weep with joy and sadness. Oh how I miss that sweet man and get to see so much of him in you!!! You are a treasure my sweet child!!! your Mommy loves you!!!

  2. JULIANNE!!! wow that's so exciting Blossom got a family!!! and happy bday PHil!!!! sounds like you had a good day It rained here yesterday too!! misss you! see you at the airport on June 29??

    1. YESSSS! My flight got changed and I'm getting in at 3:30, see you then?? If not, I'll be at your house when you get home :) miss you tons

  3. haha i have like a 6 hr layover in ATL but ill be home by like 9 or 10!! haha we will be all kinds of messed up with jetlag, which could give us some good time catching up while no one else is awake haha