Monday, June 11, 2012


Saturdays are my favorite days here. Not because its technically a day off, but because after sleeping in I get to spend all afternoon with the children with no interruptions. 

So much joy and love! 

My boy Liam is getting so chubby, which is just wonderful! 

He is such a cutie! 

Amity! She is was one of the cutest babies because she just lights up! She was a blue baby and got surgery earlier this year on her heart and is healthy now! She has red hair, they recently cut it off so you can't see it anymore but it is red red! 

Cindy! What a sweetheart! She is new to Shepherd's Field. She got here a few weeks ago and is doing so well. She has a minor heart problem. She has just started to sit up and is so proud of herself! She honestly looks more Hispanic then Asian, she is such a cutie! 

Leah! She is still tiny and not gaining weight at all like she should be. Please continue to pr*y for her. That she will gain weight and they can figure out what is wrong with her. 
This is Grace Ruth. I tried to post these pictures earlier but my computer wasn't working for a little while. Grace Ruth came to Shepherd's field extremely sick. They took her straight to the hospital when she arrived. She had a heart problem that would require a very expensive surgery, pneumonia, and had suffered brain damage from being without oxygen. They brought her back to Shepherd's Field because there was nothing else the hospital could do. She was in the clinic on oxygen for about a week. The entire staff prayed for her during this time, along with people all over the world that are connected with Shepherd's Field, that either she would improve or the l0rd would take her home. He did take her home on Sunday. It is extremely sad and something that is hard to deal with, but we all know that she is in a better place now. 

The boys eating an afternoon snack. 

Precious Robert! 


Robert figured out how to take self pictures on my phone! They took like 50 pictures! 

Then, Josiah took the phone from Robert and I had to catch a picture of this single tear rolling down his face. 

Kennedy! He also took a million pictures and videos! My videos won't work. I will post them eventually!

Eric playing outside! 

Ting ting! 

Me and Eric! 

Eric was my photographer for a while. He took pictures of literally everything in the house. This is Julie! She is such a sweetheart! I met her pretty early on here and everyday since then, when I walk in her house, she just lights up and runs to me so I will pick her up! She will just sit there in my lap for forever. Sometimes she wants me to look at a book with her, but usually she just like to sit. I love when I can make her giggle by flipping her upside down! Love this girl! 

This is Annabel Lee! She is such a cute child! She is the ayi's favorite in house of love and they are usually holding her, which is great, but I haven't played with her that much! She is getting adopted at the end of this month! 

Some of the kids in House of Peace! 

Francis is in the orange, then Moses, Grayson, and Maggie! They were freaking out cause I had my phone and was taking videos and pictures of them! They loved it! 

Ting ting joined the photo op! 

We got Mcdonalds for the first time for lunch on Sunday in Beijing. It tasted the exact same, which is actually kind of scary. 

There is a girl here named Wendy. She is 21 years old and in a wheel chair. Her English is okay but she can't understand as much as some of the other older kids can. She is skeptical of visitors because so many of them come in and out of here. She has gotten close to who knows how many over the years and they always leave. It makes sense that she is weary of making close bonds with any of us anymore. I did her hair for Children's Day and after that I guess she decided I was an okay person. She asked me if I would take her to the store one night and then asked if I would teach her English everyday. So now, everyday from nine to ten I teach her English. Yesterday was the first time I taught her. I was freaking out because I have no idea what I am doing and was in constant pray with g0d the entire time. It was out of my comfort zone and full of my weaknesses. However, g0d works even more in those times. "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.".. For when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Corinthians 12: 9:10 His power is seen through our weaknesses. The past two days of teaching her have gone really well. It is by nothing I am doing but all the l0rds work that she is learning fast. Because we have always known how to speak English, you never realize how insanely hard it is. We have some of the weirdest words and Wendy always complains about how difficult American names are. They really are. She is still having trouble with getting my name right, thanks mom :). Please pr*y for us as I try to teach her and she tries to learn! Also, pr*y for her heart. I do not know whether she is saved or not and I already had to break the news that I only have three weeks left here and I will be leaving her just like everyone else has. Pr*y that the l0rd would work through me to influence her and that her heart would not be saddened by people leaving but that she would come to an understanding of it and be able to love people even if only for a short time.

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  1. Such a sweet post! Thank you for sharing all the children there~ each one SO precious!!! You are so sweet to spend time with Wendy. I remember meeting her when we were there and wanted to get close to her but she was very stand offish. Precious girl. I know God will help you teach her~ being her friend is the best thing you could ever do for her!!! Blessings and love! XO