Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This life

Another week has come and gone. I apologize (mommy) for not posting very regularly. Everything has been going very well, except for the fact that Emily left us on Tuesday L. I hated to see her leave. Emily is one of those people that is so open and so herself that you feel like you have known her forever instead of the two short weeks that we did. She was so good to us and really got us settled in here. I really don’t know what we would have done without her. Taylor and I would probably still be sitting in our room, unable to sleep, and not sure what to do with ourselves before Emily busted in with her Memphis shirt on, some awkward hellos, and the beginning of a sweet friendship. Ha, Emily I miss you! Every time I eat a Magnum ice cream cone, make a munto doughnut, watch a movie in the movie room, hear Ling Ling yell your name, say pretty in Chinese, or pretty much any word in Chinese, I will think of you. Miss you miss you!

Here are a few pictures of the children on Saturday. We went and got them ice cream. A nice treat for the hot day! 

Jay Jay

Elizabeth, or bei bei, upset about something!


Ting ting and Eric. They are boyfriend and girlfriend about every other day. 


 For Emily’s last night with us she cooked us chicken. Not just frying some chicken, but literally cutting the entire chicken up. In China, you buy them fully intact with a smiling chicken on the outside of the package. So Emily, the wonderful cook that she is, butchered the entire chicken and then cooked it for us. It was delicious. I did not get a picture of the final product but I did get pictures of the butchering.

Hey there chicken head. 

Taylor, being the vegetarian that she is, sat as far away as she could!

 Here are some pictures we took before taking Emily to the airport. Once again, miss you tons Emily.

Me, Taylor, Emily, Sarah, and Marissa. The cliche Chinese peace sign pose. 

Emily, Sarah, and Marissa

The roommates

 We started teaching our classes on Wednesday. Taylor and I are both teaching the primary class which has six kids in it. They are all so sweet and doing such a good job, thanks to Emily, with speaking English. I have always thought that g0d had a sense of humor. It is really evident here in the fact that, I absolutely hate English. I always have. It was my worst subject all through school. I just couldn't stand it with all of the rules and everything. Spelling and grammar are still my biggest weaknesses in school. I don’t know what I would do without spell check. So, you may be thinking, Ju you knew you would be teaching English in China!  And, yes, I did know that, but I thought it would be like with kindergartners, not older kids and actual grammar rules. However, g0d laughs and says, "no Julianne you will teach your most hated subject and you will enjoy it". Ha! So here I am, and can I say thank the l0rd that Taylor is the opposite of me and LOVES English! So far it has been going well. Taylor and I will be kind of switching off with the teaching and right now Taylor is teaching the lesson and she is doing great! Please pr*y for us as we continue to try in all of our failings to teach these kids English.

Yesterday, I taught my first Kindergarten class. My class is so precious. I will post a picture of each of them and tell you about them on my next post. I am seriously in love with all of them. I am starting off teaching them time. It is going pretty well. The lesson only takes a little while and then the rest of the time we sing English songs. I am so thankful to Emily for teaching them some great songs. I will post videos later as well. 

I feel like this blog is going to be a little update about what is going on and then something that the l0rd is teaching me. I read this verse earlier this week and since then it has been on my mind. It is so convicting and something that should be convicting us daily.

Whoever claims to live in him must walk as J*sus did.
1 john 2:6 

We aren't supposed to become chr1st1ans and then just go to ch*rch on Sundays and have an occasional quiet time. Oh, and be nice to others. We are called to walk as he did.


  1. I love and miss you sweet girl!!! You all are doing such a great job. So very funny that you are teaching English, but if I remember correctly you were in honors English in 9th grade and could have continued but decided not to:) I guess this is another honors English class lead by God!:)
    I think God is rubbing his hands together in delight thinking of what He wants you to do since you are so willing. I do believe He has a wonderful sense of humor after all He gave us laughter!
    Let's skype soon!!!! I miss you!!

  2. Love you Juju!! So happy for you. Love getting to feel a part of your journey!