Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This is the word that defines the first part of this trip. Trust. Trust that the plane would take off and land safely. Trust that our baggage would roll out onto the conveyor belt. Trust that we got the right amount of money back from exchanging currency. And most of all, trust that the man holding the little white shepherd's field sign, was indeed with it and would take us to the right place. I will never forget that moment. Taylor and I both gave a head nod to the man and as we came around the railing to where he was, he just grabbed one of Taylor's bags and began walking. Taylor and I exchanged a look and then just followed right behind him. It was like, well here goes nothing. The man spoke absolutely no English. We had to trust that this man was who he says he was and would get us to where we needed to go. Keep in mind that it is 12:00 am. So, as we drove through the city of Beijing and then out of the city, south to Tianjin, Taylor and I were both completely silent. Both silently pr*ying that we would make it and reminding ourselves that g0d is in control. We did make it safely and found our way up to our room on the second floor. We are sharing an apartment style dorm with two other girl interns in the inn. Emily is one of the interns. This is her second time here and she has been here for three months. She will be leaving in two weeks and me and Taylor will be taking over her teaching spots. So, for now she is teaching us the ropes and I am so thankful we have had her. She has been so great. Oh, and did I mention that she is only 17? Marissa is the other intern. She is 23 and has been here for nine months so far. I was planning on posting about my first day but I am fading fast. Taylor and I have been up since 5 00 when we could no longer sleep and I have stayed awake all day, which is actually night time, and now I am about to die. So, I will post about my first day later and with pictures! Goodnight!


  1. I'm so glad you are doing this blog for your Mommy:) I know you can imagine what I would have done when a non english speaking dude picks me up form the airport??? Definitely laugh too much!!! I'm so thankful you all have the 2 interns to get you settled in, what a blessing!! We are praying for you both, I'm thrilled that you are really getting to follow your dream of serving in an orphanage:)
    I so love you and miss you!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness Juju - what a test of faith from the VERY start! I'm so happy to know you're there safely. Thank the Lord for Emily & Marissa. I'm sure they have already been a breath of fresh air for you and Taylor. Thanks for posting so quickly! Been praying for you sweet girl - and I will keep praying! Love you bunches. SO SO proud of you!!

  3. HI Emily! I am one of your Mom's adoption friends... Sweet Janie was in our PRO program where I volunteer!!! I have 3 little girls from China!!! What a blessing that you are doing this internship!!! What a wonderful opportunity. And, how amazing for you to see China in this way. It is a gift you are giving to your little sisters too! I look forward to reading about your experience! I am excited to share this with my oldest daughter! This is something I pray she can do one day too!!! Enjoy every minute, and soak up all you can while you are making a difference in the lives of some very special children!