Friday, May 11, 2012

The past few days...

It is crazy that I have already spent three days here. The days are passing quickly and I know that will continue for the rest of the weeks. My time here will be short. Our first day, which was Wednesday, we met our roommates, Marissa and Emily, and Emily showed us around the place. She gave us the tour and just the ends and outs of what to expect while we are here. Emily teaches the kindergartners and the older children English. Taylor and I will be taking over these classes as well as the preschool classes when she leaves in two weeks. After we sat in her kindergarten class and saw what she is teaching them, we took our first trip to Walmart in Lan Fang (no idea how to spell it but that is how I pronounce it in my head).

It was pretty normal, except for everything being in a different language and getting stared at by everyone. There was actually a great deal in English, though, and Emily helped us get the best Chinese products of things. We got enough groceries to last us for a while for only about 25 USD.

Here are some 'sizzled barbecue flavor' lays that I got. So good! 

This is for Hank. (Mom show him this) Marinated duck tongue! YUM

These are extremely nasty oreos. Not that you can't already tell, but we decided that we would try them and they are disgusting. I will bring them back for you all to try. 

So, that was our trip to Walmart! 

When we haven't been sitting in Emily's English classes and learning the ropes. We have been meeting all of the precious children here and loving on the babies. SFCV is a closed in campus with walls all around and a front gate. On the campus, there is a front office building, the inn, where we stay, the outreach center, which is where the children eat lunch and is used for various other things, the house of love, the house of blessings, the house of peace, the house of promise, which is the therapy house, the Zachariah house, the clinic, which is also called Samaritan's house, and the school house. So, each of these houses is home to different children. All of the children here are special needs. The houses are open for certain hours of the day for us to be able to go see them. This is to make things as consistent for them as possible and not have random people coming in at all hours. There are nannies, they call them ie's, that care for them around the clock. The children that are well enough, go to school from 8:30 to 4:30. So, when we are not in a class, we go to the houses and mostly the clinic to play and hold children. I have already connected to a precious baby boy named Liam who lives in the Samaritan's house. He has suffered from heart problems and is extremely developmentally delayed. He looks like an infant and is actually a year old. I will post a picture of him later. When I have time I try and go there and hold him as long as I can. A lot of the children here need to be held in order to get better, however, the cu1ture here is different than in America. The nannies are more hands off and the babies do not get held like they need to. So, that is where we come in. We hold them as much as we can and nurse them to health. Already I am making connections with the other school children. A few of them learned my name from the first day and hearing them say "Juuuliaaanne" from across the campus is the biggest blessing. I will post pictures of them soon and tell you more about each one. A few of the interns have to go to Hong Kong next week to renew their visas, so Taylor and I will be taking over Marissa and Chrissy's job of teaching the Baker's children. Tim and Pam Baker are the owners of SFCV and they have three adopted boys that are here with them. We will be teaching them at school all next week. Say a pr*yer for us as we try and teach a ten year old and two twin 15 year olds every subject. Ha. Taylor and I are just jumping around and filling every spot they need us to. The l0rd is teaching me all about flexibility and to not have a plan. 

Tonight, there was a couple in town from New York. They are in town for a few days passing through and so Taylor, Marissa, and I took them across the street to eat at a Chinese restaurant. It was delicious! The waitress spoke no English but we managed to order. There have already been several visitors that have stopped here for a few days and some for a few weeks. I know there will be many more coming this summer. It is crazy who all g0d is calling here, and each one with such different stories, but such beautiful f*iths. I will post about some of their stories soon. 

Across from SFCV.

Headed to dinner! First outing!

The Clinic, or Samaritan's House, where I try and spend most of my free time. 

Taylor and I in front of the office building. 

Stevie, the SFCV dog who loves to follow me around. 

Sorry this post is so long and so scattered. I will post more pictures soon. Please continue to pr*y for the work being done here and the many sick children that need healing and families.


  1. Wow what an experience to be blessed with. I'm glad to know you are eating as well:) it is a whole different world is it not??? You will never be the same and will be so blessed!! Love you sweet girl!

  2. I love this!! Keep posting! Hope yall are having fun and that everything is coming together as purposed! I love yall & will be asking for yall daily!

  3. Love the pics! Thanks for posting hun!! LOVE YOU! PRAYING FOR YOU!

  4. Ju!!! I am just catching up on all of these. I promise to keep reading. Sorry I'm a bad ex- roomie...married life has been SO incredible and I can't wait to Skype you :). I am so proud of you and Taylor and love you both dearly. Those babies are so lucky to have the two of you. I remember how hard it was for me to be flexible in the

  5. M1ssion field, but letting go holds such beauty. Remember that missy(s) cannot wait to see y'all when ya get back!! Much love and pr@yers :)

    --can you believe this thing cut me off? Sheesh!