Sunday, May 13, 2012

I will follow you..

Today, we went to ch*rch in Beijing. There are two ch*rches that the interns go to while here in Beijing. We went to the international one today. BICF (Beijing International Chr1st1an Fellowship) is only for foreigners. You actually have to show your passport in order to get in. They have been allowed by the g*vernment to hold services each Sunday, however, they are only letting foreigners take part in this w*rship. It is quite sad in my opinion. There are two ch*rch services, a Ch1nese one and an English one. We obviously went to the English one and it was so cool to see Americans as well as people from all over the world w*orshiping the same g0d. The service was wonderful and very biblica11y sound. One great point that was made that really spoke to me, was the fact that the Ch1nese translation for being distracted is a divided heart. It is so easy to get distracted by other things and put your relationship with Chr1st at the bottom of your to do list. We all know this. However, the translation of a divided heart instead of a distraction puts it more into perspective. When we put other things before Chr1st we are not only distracted by life, but we have a divided heart. We give Chr1st a little, but then we give the rest to other things that we feel are more important or things that we can't seem to surrender. The message from the s*rmon today was all about surrendering to Chr1st and giving him everything. We do not do this in our lives and it is something that we should all be striving to do daily. Surrender your entire life to Chr1st, your entire life.

Where BICF is held in Beijing. 

After ch*rch we stayed in Beijing to eat and then went to a shopping district to walk around. 

Where we ate lunch. It was a Mexican and Vietnamese restaurant.

I obviously went with the chicken quesadillas (yes mom I am eating plenty) 

The roommate interns in front of the restaurant. Emily, Taylor, me and Marissa. 

There is only one legit Apple store in Beijing and this is it. Supposedly they have 5,000 customers a day come through the store. 

This is my buddy Liam. He lives in the clinic and suffers from heart problems and a possible case of hydrocephalus. He is precious and he needs a family. 

The five houses that children live in all in a row. 

This is the outreach center but it is also where everyone eats meals. 

The inn 

This is a view of the center of campus with the playground. 

The reason for the tittle of this post is because this song was played in ch*rch today. I have always loved this song but today it meant that much more.

Where you go, I'll go 
Where you stay, I'll stay 
When you move, I'll move 
I will follow you 
Who you love, I'll love 
How you serve I'll serve 
If this life I lose, I will follow you 
I will follow you 


  1. Your Momma loves you and is so proud of you and thankful you are able to experience this. Janie keeps pointing at the pic of you and Liam, saying baby, juuuliaaaane:)

  2. I am freak*ng out!!!! love iT jul*anne!1

  3. Liam is precious. I'm not surprised at all that those kids love you already!! I'm so grateful you have the chance to live out this calling on your life! Are we allowed to send you packages??

    1. I'm really not sure about that at all! Just because it can't be anything that may hinder the work being done here and it probably costs wayyyy too much!

  4. Stumbled upon your blog from your mom's blog... I am so excited to read about your adventures and passion. I am mom to 3 homegrown teenagers and 1 4y/o son who joined our family through adoption. The process has wonderfully impacted so many people but especially our almost 16 y/o dtr. She is so passionate about wanting to be involved somehow in China. I would love to hear more about your background and getting involved in Sherherd's Field. In the meantime, stay safe and I will pray that you see G0d through every experience you have in China.